Korean Letters

The 2020 collection, Korean Letters gathers together the poems written in the four years since The Bright Tethers. The words of its title poem were culled from fragments of letters written by Cameron’s late father, George, while on National Service in Korea.

The book includes ‘In a Darker Vein’, a cycle of poems set to music by the Toronto-based composer, David Jaeger, and also ‘In the Epileptic Colony’, a long poem recording the intensity of Cameron’s former experiences as a careworker in a residential ‘hospital school’.

I’m not here to interrogate,
Uncover truth but act too late,
Or even lay a soothing hand,
Warbling that I understand.
I’m not interested in who lied;
I came here only to provide
A moment’s company to one
Squinting like Popeye in the sun.
Back in Time

‘A Blessing’ is part of a song cycle, ‘Gifts’ – five poems written by David and set to music by the composer David Jaeger. Here it is performed by Karen Usha Gray for an online service by Grace Church on-the-Hill, Toronto, in June 2020.

And here is a scratch recording of another of the book’s poems, ‘In Memory Of’, set to music by David Jaeger and performed by Carl Philippe Gionet, this time with David himself reading the poem.