The works here are either still in progress or are undergoing revision before publication.

Femke is about, and narrated by, a young woman in Amsterdam who lives almost a vagrant existence before being adopted as a Muse – first by a young English filmmaker, and later by an ageing Dutch poet.

Read the opening pages, which were published as ‘Walking Bibi’ in Keeping the Edge: An Anthology of New Urban Fiction (CreateSpace, 2014).

A businessman, Martin Prendergast, leaps from an office block to his death. Scenes from his life flash before him, in reverse order (a chronology reported in a minority of near-death experiences). Grim as this sounds, the sense of possibility grows stronger as he gets closer to childhood.

Listen to an extract.

A childhood memoir in which each chapter works as a short story in itself. The action ends at the point in David’s life where his novella Rousseau Moon begins.

Read the title story, which was published in New Writing Scotland 27 (2009).