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David Cameron is a poet and novelist. In 2014 he received the Hennessy Literary Award for Poetry. His poems are collected in The Bright Tethers: Poems 1988–2016 and Korean Letters.

David is the author of three books of fiction. The first two, Rousseau Moon (2000) and The Ghost of Alice Fields (2014), were chosen among the Books of the Year in the UK press. His experimental novel, Prendergast’s Fall (2019), was described by reviewer Alistair Braidwood as ‘one of the most inventive and interesting novels of recent times’. David has also written a critical study, Samuel Beckett: The Middle and Later Years, and edited The Poems of Martin Seymour-Smith.

David was born in Glasgow in 1966, worked for the European Cultural Foundation in Amsterdam, and is now a learning consultant in Belfast.

“transmutes the base matter of common experience into something like gold”Robert Nye
“provides an answer to Frost’s wish for poems about subjects common in experience but rare in books”Seamus Heaney